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Created in 1986 the Angeles Crest 100 is a point-to-point 100 mile endurance race starting in Wrightwood (California) and ending at the Loma Alta Park in Altadena.


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# Drone at AC100AC100 FlyoverAC100 Stickers2019 RacebookSubmit Trail Work HoursPersonal  Data2017 AC100  Race PhotosThe  RingOur 2020 (33th) race starts in: 2020-8-1 5:0:0 GMT-7:00(August 1, 2020 5:00:00AM/PST) **MAIN MENU**MAIN MENU  * HOME  * Save AC100 Race  * 2019 Results  * 2019 Race Photos  * Runner Live Tracking  * AC100 Course GPX File  * 2018 Race Photos  * 2019 Race Book (11MB)  * 2019 AC100 Map Book (72MB)  * Buy AC100 Course Map  * 2018 Splits  * Volunteer  * Log In  * All Results  * Volunteer ID Tag2019 ResultsEnter AC100 LotterySave AC100 RaceVolunteer for AC100MedicalVolunteer  Volunteers can earn a preferred lottery entrance2019 Race Information  * 2019 Results  * 2019 AC100 Race Photos  * 2019 AC100 Racebook (11MB)  * AC100 Course GPX File  * 2019 AC100 Map Book (72MB)  * Buy AC100 Course Map  * Volunteer ID Tag2018 Race Information      * 2018 Results  * 2018 AC100 Race Photos  * 2018 Splits  * 2018 Press ReleaseFrequently Asked Questions      * Volunteers  * Application  * Lottery / Waiting List / Refund Policy  * Qualification, Trail Maintenance (TM) and Training Run  * Vehicle Rules  * Parking Rules  * AC100 Database  * Pacer Rules  * Solo Runners  * Shirts for Women  * Photos on the Course  * Awards  * 100 Mile Endurance Run  * Logistics  * Safety  * Getting back to WW after the raceVideos, Photos, Articles and Race Reports    VIDEOS  * Drone at Newcomb Saddle (2014)   * Drone at Inspiration Point (2014)   * AC100 Race Doumentation (2013)   * Sports Talk Kids (2012)   * AC100 Race Documentary (2010) PHOTOS  * Sam and Tom's AC100 PicturesRACE REPORTS  * Peter Brennen (2016)  * Pete Sercel (2015)  * Howie Stern (2014)  * Dominic Grossman (2013)ARTICLES  * Ultra Mom AC100 challenge  * CNN video & race article  * For First Timer (2014)  * The Importance of Training Smart (2015)   * Nutrition for the Endurance Runner (2015)   * 2014 Race Article  * 2013 Race Article  * 2012 Race Article  * 2011 Race Article  * 2010 Race Article  * 2008 Race Article  * 2007 Race Article  * Hiking and Mental Health (2015)  * OC Register Article (2011)   * Andrew Foote Race Report (2011)   * LA Times Article (2005)  * LA Times Article (1996)  * LA Times Article (1991)  * LA Times Article (1991)  * LA Times Article (1986)  * LA Times Article (1986)General Information      * 1986-2018 Results  * 4 or more Finishes  * Solo Finisher  * Splits  * Chantry Flats CP  * Introduction  * Rules  * Race Team  * Trails  * Radio Volunteers## WelcomeThe San Gabriel back country retains much of the natural beauty, if not theprimitive wilderness of yesteryear... Thanks largely to the foresight andcapable supervision of the U.S. Forest Service and hundreds of volunteers.Picnic areas and campgrounds have been constructed with minimum displacementof the natural setting.Those desiring to see this primitive wilderness in a single day are invited toparticipate in the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run.The 2020 race date is on August 1, 2020 at 5:00:00 AM/PST.    *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * **RACE RULES / GENERAL INFORMATION**2019 AC100 Lottery and Sterling Silver Ticket Races 1) All Lottery entrantswill need to have run an Official (i.e. timed race with published results) 50+Mile Race in 2018 (1/1/18-12/1/18) in order to register for the Lottery. 2)There will be 220 spots for the Lottery. The roughly 30 r... read it all **CURRENT NEWS**VOLUNTEERS  If you are involved in mountain trail endurance running, you knowit takes a small army of volunteers to put on a "point to point" 100 mileendurance run.  We need:   1) help at several late wilderness aid stations:-Idlehour Checkpo... read it all **TRAINING RUNS / TRAIL WORK SCHEDULE**2019 Angeles Crest 100  & Angeles National Forest Trail Race TrailworkSchedule Gary Hilliard will lead the Trailwork > RD@gmail.com   January 19,2019 7:00AM (Saturday): Trail Work, Strawberry Trail Trail Work Outing isrestricted to 30 volunteer... read it allAC100 co-RD of 29 years, Hal Winton, passed away May 24, 2017 at the TorranceMemorial Medical Center. His family was at his side. He'll be deeply missed.(click for larger image)2011 AC100: Runners on Mt Baden Powell at 9300 ft elevation(click for larger image)1988: The Original First Five 100 Milers Compared in _UltraRunning Magazine_  ## Our Sponsors(C) 1986 - 2019 Angeles Crest 100 Endurance Run**2019 AC100 Lottery and Sterling Silver Ticket Races**1) All Lottery entrants will need to have run an Official (i.e. timed racewith published results) 50+ Mile Race in 2018 (1/1/18-12/1/18) in order toregister for the Lottery.2) There will be 220 spots for the Lottery. The roughly 30 remaining spots arereserved for volunteers, sponsors, and Sterling Silver Ticket Winners.3) Runners that have consistently entered each year and not been drawn in theAC100 Lotteries will be given an extra ticket for each year they have not beenselected.4) Runners will get 1 more ticket for each year they have finished AC100.5) Solo Runners will get 1 more ticket, and are eligible for special SoloDivision Awards, Buckles, and T-shirt.6) A Wait List of 100 runners will also be pulled automatically. We will addWait List runners to the race until July 1st.7) If you are on the Wait List, you will automatically be charged the EntryFee whenever a runner drops from the Start List. If you do not want to becharged, please drop from the Wait List on your UltraSignUp.com profile under"Registration History - Edit".8) All runners in the race will complete Trail Work by July 22nd.9) Refunds for all runners: 50% up until March 1st, 25% up until July 1, 2019.**Waiting List  ** Starting with the 2019 Lottery, held in December 3rd, we will be nowoffering a Waiting List. You can read all the details in the FAQ within the"Lottery / Waiting List / Refund Policy" section.**Lottery Registration on UltraSignUP.com**  2019 Lottery registration will be on **UltraSignUp.com** and will begin on**Monday 12:00 Noon on December 3, 2018** and will remain open for **oneweek** , closing on **Monday 12:00 Noon PST December 10th**.    1) Runners must complete an Official 50 Mile Race prior to entering theLottery.  2) The Solo Runner will have priority in the Lottery. However, we have tobalance the field with both Solo Runner and Runners with crew.**Sterling Silver Ticket Races**Beginning in 2019, their will be 12 spots reserved in the 2019 Angeles Crest100 Mile Endurance Run for the top 2 male and female Finishers in thefollowing races:>   * Avalon 50 Miler: January 12th, 2019>   * Leona Divide 50 Miler: April 6th, 2019>   * Angeles National Forest 60k: July 6th, 2019>If a top two Finisher in the races are already entered in AC100 or declines anentry, the spots will roll down no further than 5th place. The Sterling SilverTicket Winners must sign up and pay the Entry Fee within one week, and willneed to submit Trail Work proof prior to race day.**The Solo Runner Program  **  The purpose of the Solo Runner Program is to give runners a primitiveexperience of running 100 miles and remove cars from the course. The SoloRunner is a runner that runs the race without a crew or a pacer and does nothave any support vehicles on the course, including Spectators that cheer themon but do not provide aid to runners, except one car at the Start (Wrightwood)or at the Finish (Loma Alta Park).    **Pacer Rules.  **    Pacer will be only allowed at Chilao and Chantry Flats. New Pacers will not beallowed at Shortcut Saddle or Red Box.    Only one "crew vehicle" with Car Pass will be allowed access to Chilao andChantry Flats aid station.    A Car Pass will be given the runner when the runner registers in Wrightwood onFriday morning.    **Pacers cannot leave their vehicles at: Chilao, Chantry Flats or at any aidstation on the course**. **Vehicle left by a Pacer at: Chilao, Chantry Flatsand the access road to Chantry or at any aid station on the course, willautomatically disqualify their runner**.     **Recommendation** : if you are going to use two Pacers, you can have one atChilao and a second one at Chantry. Have the crew with the Car Pass drive thefirst Pacer to Chilao, then drive the second Pacer to Chanry and exchangePacers, without leaving a vehicle at Chilao or Chantry.Any runner 65 years and older can have a Pacer for 100 miles.Any male runner 60 years and older and any female runner 55 years and older,that have finished the race at least 7 times, can have a Pacer for 100 miles**Parking on the course during the race.  **  Only one crew vehicle with a Car Pass will be allowed to park at: 1) the aidstation parking lot or 2) on the shoulder of Hwy 2 on the course near the aidstation.    If you park on the shoulder of Hwy 2, be sure you park "legally". Do not parkover the 'white fog line' or you may get a ticket from the CHP and we willhold your runner for one hour for the first infraction and disqualify yourrunner on the second infraction.    **50 Mile Qualification Requirement**  Finish an Official 50 Mile Run prior to entering the Lottery.    **Race Disputes**  Race disputes must be presented prior to the Award Ceremony. Once the RaceDirector presents the runner their Award, then the results are official.    **Lost Awards**  AC100 Awards are not for sale. If you lose an Award (buckle, plaque or bronzeaward) you cannot buy a replacement award from the race. The only way you canget an award is to finish the race and receive the award at the AwardCeremony.    **One Car per Runner Program**1) The purpose of the One Car Runner Program is to get cars off the course  2) Only one car per runner on the course, including Spectators that will becheering for their runners but not providing aid.  This includes parking carsat Wrightwood and Loma Alta Park.  3) Vehicle ID: every runner will be issued a Car Pass that will have: runnersname & bib number and drivers name & Vehicle License Plate Number  4) Penalty: we will hold your runner for one hour for the first infraction anddisqualify him on the second infraction.     **Runners that drop at remote wilderness checkpoint**  Remote wilderness (Newcomb, Idlehour, Sam Merrill and Millard) checkpointsleaders that lead checkpoints that are behind locked gates are required toinsure the health and safety of the dropped runner and to take the droppedrunner out of the area the following morning when the checkpoint closes whilecontinuing to assist other runners that are in the race.     **Documents you need to read to run this race:**     **Flow Diagram for Qualification and Trail Maintenance**  **Dear Runner letter**  Welcome  Schedule of events  Drop bag pickup in WW on Friday at 12:30PM  **11:00AM** begining August 2018.**AC100 Race Book** contains: maps, cutoff and drop bag info**Three areas on website** : red, yellow and gray**Red Area** : Very Important news: i.e. cancellation notice**Yellow Area** : General Information: clarification of rules**Gray Area** : Latest news: Trail Maintenance Schedule, highway closure  **To Enter your AC100 Database:**  Click on the **Personal Data**  button at the top of the website to changeyour personal data i.e. email address.  Be sure your email address is up todate. We only communicate via email.    Click on the **Trail Maint.** button on the top of the website to enter yourTrail Maintenance Data.    The **2017 AC100 Entry List** provides the status of your Trail MaintenanceData. If it has been approve, their will be a "green check" there.  **Everything you need to run this race** is on this website including raceresults, splits, photos and video taken during the race.     **All Runners must:**  1) Qualify: All runners must complete at least an Offiicial 50 Mile Run priorto entering the Lottery.  2) Perform Trail Maintenance: All runners must complete 8 hours of trailmaintenance by July 22nd.     **Runners are required to remember their:**  1) "email address" (which is their ID) and  2) "password" which will be emailed to you after you register on-line. So theycan enter Trail Maintenance Data. If the data they entered is incorrect orneeds updating, they can re-enter their AC100 Database and correct it. We onlyhave one database and it is the Runners responsibility to keep their Data upto date.     **Drop Bag Procedure**  We are having problems managing the Drop Bags.  To insure we deliver your Drop Bags to the correct Checkpoint, please do thefollowing:  1) Use only **black "chisel tip" Sharpie Permanent Marker felt tip pen**.  2) Put the following info on each Drop Bag:  a) your Bib Number  b) Checkpoint  c) your Name  Your Bib Number is what we use to retrieve your Drop Bag at each Checkpoint,once you enter the Checkpoint. They are normally arranged in numerical orderat each Checkpoint. When your Bib Number is not clear/visible (especially atthe late evening Checkpoint) it will slow down the retrieval of your Drop Bag.    The Bib Numbers/Runners Name is on the AC100 Roster on the website. Make yourDrop Bags before you arrive in Wrightwood. PLAN AHEAD! The Drop Bags will bepicked up at 12:30PM  **11:00AM** on Friday (begining August 2018).     **Training Runs/Trail Maintenance Work Schedule**  All Training Run / Trail Maintenance Work Schedule will be posted on thiswebsite, **normally by the end of March.**  We also have to deal with the aftermath of this years Winter rain on ourTrails and Access Roads to perform the Trail Maintenance Work.    If you live in Southern California (South of Fresno), then you will berequired to perform your Trail Work in the Angeles National Forest with Gary.However, if you live in Northern California or any other state or country,then perform your Trail Work in the area that you live and run. TrailMaintenance must be performed, submitted and approved before race weekend.     **Pack out what you packed into the Forest.**  It is very important for this future of this race, that all AC100 participant:runners, crews and volunteers to "pack out what you packed in" and not leave atrace, when you leave the forest, except your footprint. Do not place yourtrash in the **"brown bear proof trash receptacles".**    There are many **"brown bear proof trash receptacles"** at:  Inspiration Pt,  Vincent Gap,  Islip Saddle,  Eagles Roost,  Three Points,  Mt Hillyer  Chilao,  Shortcut Saddle and  Chantry Flats.    During race weekend please do not place your trash in them.  Take your trash home with you.    USFS does not have the budget to maintain them for the race.  They are there for the general publics use only.     **Protocol for entering and leaving ALL AC100 aid station** :  Runners will get 2 bibs.  The large bib goes for the "front of your jersey".  The small bib for Solo Runners only will be placed "on the front of your hat"(mandatory for Solo Runners).    (1) when you enter an aid station, please say,  **"Runner 'your bib #' checking in" to a race official.**    (2) when you leave an aid station, please say,  **"Runner 'your bib #' checking out" to a race official.**     **The problem we are having is:**  we are having difficulty checking you in and out at the aid station and  you are not getting credit for completing that section,  especially at the early aid station i.e Inspiration Pt  where Runners enter in large groups  wearing clothing that covers there bib "on front of your jersey".    Downside is: your "splits" will be blank, where we do not get your check-in/check-out.     **Medical Volunteers**  If you are interested in being a Medical Volunteer, go to the website andclick on the Medical Volunteer Button and fill out a brief form. Be sure tostate your interest in joining the medical team and gives us your medicalbackground.**VOLUNTEERS**  If you are involved in mountain trail endurance running, you know it takes asmall army of volunteers to put on a "point to point" 100 mile endurance run.    We need:  1) help at several late wilderness aid stations:  -Idlehour Checkpoint at 83 miles,   -Sam Merrill Checkpoint at 89 miles and  -Millard Checkpoint at 95 miles into the race.     2) help staffing our kitchen at the Finish Line at Loma Alta Park in Altadena.    3) medical volunteers as part of the new AC100 Medical Team **,** i.e.Paramedics, Nurse, EMTs, First Aid. Everyone that volunteers with the AC100Medical Team will be covered by professional medical liability insurance.    4) help trail marking    5) help trail sweeping (preferably with HAM radio).    6) experienced trail maintenance people that can lead large AC100 TrailMaintenance teams on the weekend starting in early April through middle ofJuly.    If you are available on August 4/5, 2018 (Sat/Sun),  Click on the **VOLUNTEER BUTTON** on the website and fill out the briefquestionaire.  Any help will be appreciated.**Officials Close Areas for Public Safety During Winter Storms**With the predicted heavy rain in a series of winter storms, Angeles NationalForest and San Gabriel Mountains National Monument officials have closedmultiple recreation areas to ensure public safety.1) For additional information about Forest Closures please visit:www.fs.usda.gov/angeles/  2) For up to date road conditions use the Caltrans QuickMaphttp://quickmap.dot.ca.gov/3) For LA County Dept. Public Works go to:http://dpw.lacounty.gov/roadclosures/  4) For weather conditions please visit:http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/total_forecast/getprod.php prod=XXXAFDLOX&wfo=LOX    For detail information on race including: course maps and profiles, cutofftimes, rules and regulation:  **2017 AC100 Race Book** **  Drone at AC100**  are both posted on the top of the website.    For all future race dates click on the box: "click for entire message".     **Parking at Loma Alta Park during the race.**  The biggest challenge of putting on the race is controlling where we parkvehicles during the race. Parking at Loma Alta Park was never intended tohandle vehicle from 250+ runner/crew/pacer. In order to minimize the parkingproblem we need your help. As the race grows in popularity, vehicle parkingproblem will also grow unless we try to fix it before it becomes a majorproblem.   **Loma Alta Park:** Do not park your vehicles in the parking lot off PalmStreet just South of the restrooms. This parking lot is only for RunManagement. We need parking spaces close to the park to put on the race. Weare only allowed to reserve 15 parking spaces. The rest are not posted andavailable for general public use. However, we need all of the parking spaces,even if it is not posted.    There plenty of parking on Lincoln Ave, Palm Street, Loma Alta Drive andSunset Ridge Road. There are two large parking lots off Sunset Ridge Road nextto the baseball field and the pool area.       **Future race dates:**  All future races will be the first weekend in August. **The race is onSa/Su**. We provide the Th/Fr dates for Wrightwood planning purposes since therace weekend can straddle both July and August and cause confusion.    32nd Annual AC100 will be August 1/2/ **3/4** , 2019 (Th/Fr/ **Sa/Su** )  33rd Annual AC100 will be July 30/31, 2020 (Th/Fr) & August **1/2** , 2020 (**Sa/Su** )  34th Annual AC100 will be August 5/6/ **7/8** , 2021 (Th/Fr/ **Sa/Su)**35th Annual AC100 will be August 4/5/ **6/7** , 2022 (Th/Fr/ **Sa/Su)**36th Annual AC100 will be August 3/4/ **5/6** , 2023 (Th/Fr/ **Sa/Su** )37th Annual AC100 will be August 1/2/ **3/4** , 2024 (Th/Fr/ **Sa/Su)**38th Annual AC100 will be July 31, 2025 (Th) & August 1/ **2/3** , 2025 (Fr/**Sa/Su** )39th Annual AC100 will be July 30, 31, 2026 (Th/Fr) & August **1/2** , 2025 (**Sa/Su** )40th Annual AC100 will be August 4/5/ **6/7** , 2027 (Th/Fr/ **Sa/Su)**      **Driving to Chantry Flats during race weekend.**  Chantry Flats is open to crews. However, parking is very limited! Do not takea motor home or any large vehicle because of the limited space to drive, parkand turn around. There is also "one-way" section near the end of the drive, toaccommodate a damaged section of the road that has not been repaired yet.       **The USFS has increased its focus on safety.**  Volunteers working in the forest are now required to wear long pants andshirts, gloves and work boots (not running/tennis shoes etc). Hard hats ifavailable. These are now USFS requirements, not requests. Please comply.**2019 Angeles Crest 100 & Angeles National Forest Trail Race TrailworkSchedule **  * **Gary Hilliard will lead the Trailwork > ****RD@gmail.com**_ __January 19, 2019 7:00AM (Saturday): Trail Work, Strawberry Trail_  * **Trail Work Outing is restricted to 30 volunteers who email RSVP to Gary**  * Meet at Red Box Picnic Area (along HWY 2 in the Angeles National Forest) at 7:00 AM  * Trail work on Strawberry Trail._ __February 23, 2019 7:00AM (Saturday): Trail Work, Silver Moccasin Trail (atShortcut HWY #)_  * **Trail Work Outing is restricted to 30 volunteers who email RSVP to Gary**  * Meet at Shortcut Parking Area (along HWY 2 in the Angeles National Forest) at 7:00 AM  * Trail work on Silver Moccasin Trail._ __March 30, 2019 7:00AM (Saturday): Trail Work, Kenyon Devore Trail andGabrielino Trail_  * **Trail Work Outing is restricted to 30 volunteers who email RSVP to Gary**  * Meet at Red Box Picnic Area (along HWY 2 in the Angeles National Forest) at 7:00 AM  * Carpool to work site._ __April 7, 2019 7:00AM (Sunday): Silver Moccasin Trail_  * **Trail Work Outing is restricted to 30 volunteers who email RSVP to Gary**  * Meet at Shortcut Parking Area (along HWY 2 in the Angeles National Forest) at 7:00 AM_ __April 13, 2019 7:00AM (Saturday): CALIFORNIA TRAILS DAY - Silver MoccasinTrail (Westfork to Shortcut)   _  * **Trail Work Outing is restricted to 30 volunteers who email RSVP to Gary**  * Meet at Red Box Picnic Area (along HWY 2 in the Angeles National Forest) at 7:00 AM  * Carpool to work site._ __May 4, 2019 7:00AM (Saturday): Trail Work, Idlehour West_  * **Trail Work Outing is restricted to 30 volunteers who email RSVP to Gary**  * Meet at Loma Alta Park (Altadena, CA). Meet near 544 W Palm St, Altadena, CA 91001  * Carpool to Trail Work at Idlehour Trail West Side (We need High Clearance Vehicles to transport Volunteers).  * We will drive up Mt. Lowe Fire Road, to Sam Merrill Aid Station / Checkpoint**_ _**_June 1, 2019 7:00AM (Saturday): NATIONAL TRAILS DAY, Gabrielino & SilverMoccasin Trails (at Westfork Trail Camp)  _  * **Trail Work Outing is restricted to 30 volunteers who email RSVP to Gary**  * Meet at Red Box Picnic Area (along HWY 2 in the Angeles National Forest) at 7:00 AM  * Carpool to Trail Work at Westfork Trail Camp (We need High Clearance Vehicles to transport Volunteers)._June 22, 2019 7:00AM (Saturday): Trail Work,_ _Location to be Announced_  * **Trail Work Outing is restricted to 30 volunteers who email RSVP to Gary**  * Logistics to be determined._July 14, 2019 7:30AM (Sunday) Trail Work, Acorn Trail in Wrightwood, CA_  * **Trail Work Outing is restricted to 30 volunteers who email RSVP to Gary**  * Meet at Wrightwood Community Center at 7:30AM._ __General Procedure for Trailwork Days_ :  * **Contact Gary Hilliard for Trailwork RSVP and confirmation > ****GaryHilliard.RD@gmail.com**  * Sign in and provide address and emergency phone number for Trailwork Days  * We have a Pre-Trailwork Safety Meeting.  * Purchase and display your USFS Adventure Pass. Required when parking in the Angeles National Forest.  * $5 a day/$30 a year Adventure passes available at REI Stores, USFS locations, most La Canada / Pasadena sports stores and some gas stations near the Forest and Wrightwood stores._Things to bring and expect for trail work:_  * Wear long pants and a long-sleeve shirt (dress for temps 35° to 80°) …bring gloves.  * Boots or Trail shoes (No Sandals, flip-flops, deck shoes, etc.).  * Food & water (enough for a full day's hike/work) … _and be mobile_.  * Use of small backpacks or hydration packs works best.  * _Carrying lunch boxes, coolers, or bags of food and supplies does not work for these Outings_.  * Personal items (as-needed): Sunscreen, bug repellant, first-aid, insect and BEE medication.  * Bring Energy and positive attitude… "OUR FOREST" needs our help to care for it.  **What is the Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness, and why isn't the Angeles Crest100 Mile Endurance Run (AC100) allowed to use it this year?**The Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness was created in 2009 by the lobbying effortsof the Sierra Club. Federal guidelines prevent wilderness areas from beingused for competitive events. AC100 had been maintaining and using the trailsthese long before the wilderness area was created and the USFS/ANF has allowedrace organizers to use the wilderness area while they worked with localcongressmen on getting a permanent exemption.Unfortunately, once the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument (SGNM) wascreated in 2014, ANF became jointly managed by both the Forest Service andSGNM. Due to increased scrutiny by the joint management, the 2016 race is nolonger allowed to use any trails within the wilderness area, while they workedwith there local congressman. The result is, we are no longer able to use thetrails that is North of Hwy 2 between Islip Saddle and Mt Hillyer, primarily:Mt. Williamson, Cooper Canyon and Sulfur Springs in the wilderness area. Seethe map below: **Is there any precedent for granting a permanent exemption?**Yes, the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (WS100) experienced the sameencroachment of wilderness with the creation of the Granite Chief Wildernessin 1984. Wendell Robie, the founder of the Tevis Cup (the 100 mile endurancehorse ride that preceded the WS100) called in a favor from his friend,President Ronald Reagan, who allowed both the Tevis Cup and WS100 to be"grandfathered in" and allowed both the ride and the run to continue to takeplace in the wilderness.Since then, Western States has always been granted access to put on thereevent in the wilderness area. And they paid back the Tahoe Forest Service withseveral thousand hours of conservation through trail work. It is AC100's goalto procure a similar favor from President Barack Obama who is a supporter ofpositive community events like AC100 which bring together volunteers andrunners to build character and camaraderie through maintaining trails andrunning 100 miles. **What can I do to help?**Sign the very brief petition and clicking the confirmation button on thee-mail that arrives in your inbox https://wh.gov/iH2KF. Additionally, we askthat you share this link with as many people as possible to help us reach ourgoal of 100,000 petitions by July 28, 2016; which will guarantee a responsefrom the White House. **Why should AC100 get a permanent exemption?**AC100 has many passionate runners and volunteers that take conservation veryseriously and always leave the trails better than they left them. WithoutAC100 maintaining these trails, many would become overgrown and impassable dueto limited forest service budgets for trail maintenance. The AC100 trail workprogram requires all entrants south of Fresno to volunteer 8 hours of theirtime doing trail work on the course, which includes trimming brush, managingculverts, building retaining walls, clearing down trees, and improving tread.This ensures a passable corridor through remote areas that allow for all trailusers to have access to beautiful wilderness areas. Without AC100 trailmaintenance program, PCT thru hikers, day hikers, mountain bikers and trailrunners would not have reliable access through Sulfur Springs, Mt. Williamson,Idlehour Canyon, Shortcut Canyon, Cooper Canyon, and Santa Anita Canyon.Also, we hope to continue the precedent that was set for Western States and toallow other historic race courses to do the same as more land is set asideeach year for new wilderness areas. Though AC100's problem may seem isolated,there are other courses that use terrain that is being lobbied for wildernessstatus as well. The concept of wilderness is not a negative one, as long as itis managed with a positive interpretation of the Wilderness Act of 1974 thatallows organizations like AC100 to maintain and respectfully use beautiful andpristine areas.